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Things goin down

So yeah, there's really not been too much interesting that's been goin on in my life right now.

Was working at Music and Arts, Inc. in Frederick off of Rt. 85 for a good 2 or 3 weeks (picking instruments and standing on my feet all day, oh joy), but now I've been hired at SSA (Social Security Administration) as a summer aide in the Security West building off of Woodlawn Dr. (in Woodlawn, MD; close to Baltimore). I like the location and the job, and I'm just across the street from my parents as well, which is nice (carpooling and can eat lunch with them if I'd like).

I've been kind of down recently, for obvious reason that you all should know if you know me. Luckily, I've had my former commuter friend Stephanie to hang out with over the last 2 weekends - this last weekend at her friend Scott's apartment, for his girlfriend's 21st b-day party, and the weekend before last to TGI Friday's and then a karaoke bar (originally was supposed to go to Dave and Busters in Arundel Mills Mall, but it closed early).

Despite this, I don't know, it only seems to help me feel better when I'm actually hanging out. During the week, when it's just me and my family, it's more easier for me to feel down, and I don't know what to do anymore.

I'm still thinking intently about trying out a dating site, to hopefully get someone to date or the very least to hang out with. I'm also probably going to see a counselor or a psychologist - my OCD problems feel like they've gone out of control at points, and that seriously scares me.

Oh yeah, and for any of those that are interested, I have a music and poetry blog on Wordpress (where I put up music videos and poetry and comment about them). Here's the link:


So yeah, comment on it please if you have the time and such - any suggestions/criticism to my writing style is greatly appreciated.

Btw, I hope that everyone's doing alright, keep it real people.
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