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Happy stuff

Well, since I've been mostly morose about things, I might as well tell about some more uplifting things that have been going on.

Last weekend, I went to see The Dark Knight with my two sisters. It was a pretty good movie, with Christian Bale putting in a good acting job as Bruce Wayne/Batman (though he seems to be overdoing it a tad with his Batman voice there). Heath Ledger was great as The Joker - I've never really seen him act quite so convincingly. He gave the role a great sense of eerieness that worked well with the dark image of the movie. I think it's actually a better movie than Batman Begins.

The weekend before that I went down to Baltimore with my family. My sisters went to watch All Time Low play at the Rams Head Live, so me and my parents ate at this place called the Mondo grill and watched Carbon Leaf play right near the restaurant. Carbon Leaf was pretty good - they played some nice hard rock with some lighter Irish sounding songs thrown in. The use of flute and accordion worked pretty well with the songs. The Mondo grill had good food - I got a proscutto and spinach sandwich (proscutto is an Italian ham, salt-cured), which was really good (though really salty) but I couldn't finish all of it. I kind of drank a lot on that night - 4 beers (3 Michelob Ultras and a Dos Equis) and a margarita, but it didn't really get me that bad.

Got some new music too that's been fun and interesting - Devo's "Freedom of Choice" (the one with their hit "Whip It"), Tears for Fears' "The Hurting", Gary Numan's "Telekon", Van Halen's self-titled debut, and Stone Temple Pilots' "Purple" and "Tiny Music". All of these CD's have been pretty good - makes me want to check out more stuff by Devo, Gary Numan, Van Halen, and Stone Temple Pilots (I'm unsure about checking out more stuff by Tears for Fears).
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