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Halloween and the weekend

So, for once, I've actually got some stuff that's worth talking about.

For Halloween, I decided to go over a friend's house, a friend I hadn't seen in probably a year and maybe more who's a fellow Hood College student. It went pretty well - got to catch up with her, and then watched some TV for a while, and after she went to bed I watched Princess Mononoke with her roommate and her roommate's friend. Had a couple of beers there - Sam Adams (Octoberfest flavor) and some beer with a Viking on it, if I recall correctly, both were really good.

All and all a pretty decent Halloween, I have to say, except for what happened when I got back to my room, around 3 AM I believe. I heard a tinkling sound outside my door, so I opened it to investigate to find a guy peeing right on the tile floor in front of my door. I told him that he was peeing on my floor, but he didn't respond, and looked rather drunk. I wasn't sure at the time if I should get louder to get his attention so he would stop and risk drawing attention from the rest of the floor (didn't really want to wake up those that were asleep), or if I should tap him or something (in fear that he might be a violent drunk or something). I ended up just shutting the door and cleaning the piss up once he was finished.

Seriously...how drunk does one have to be to confuse a small alcove with the bathroom? It should be simple enough to notice that lack of toilets, no matter how inebriated one is. I've been pretty far gone a couple times here and there, but damn, I could at least still find the restroom if needed *sigh*

Yesterday was pretty fun, went to the Georgetown are of D.C. with a couple of friends, Ony and Sharron, two alums of Hood. Ate at this nice Vietnamese restaurant, where I had this tasty caramel shrimp and rice dish and a Vietnamese beer by the name of Tiger - pretty good beer, I have to say, much better than most American beers that I've tried. Went around and looked at a few stores (shoes store is the one I recall) and then we stopped to get some food at Pizzeria Paradiso - I had a lamb sandwich and an Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock, an imported German beer. Damn, the Celebrator is one of the best beers I've ever had - I'd rank it right up there with Guinness. Walked around the Georgetown mall after that, got An American Werewolf in London and The Boondock Saints in the FYE there, then looked at some clothing stores and some other various stores with cool stuff. Can't remember the name of the bar/book store we ended up going to, but had this brownie soaked in Amaretto that was really tasty and a shot of 1800 brand tequila - as good as Jose Cuervo and Patron, imo. That was about it for the night.

Today, didn't really do much of anything, but did watch Seven (which I provided) for a movie showing for Hood's Society of Modern Visual Culture (a student club). I managed to not really choke up when discussing aspects of the movie and specifically about the plot, such as with the idea of taking the sinner and using his sins against himself/herself to bring about their repentance or their demise, and whether John Doe, the killer, had the right to ethically decide to take someone's life if need be (or, in this case, to set it up for the person to take their life or decide on the choice that would lead to death). I have to say, while I had my issues with discussing movies with this club, it does seem interesting, and I'd definitely like to see how it would play out with other movies that will be shown during the movie nights in the future.
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