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Poems for Wisteria, a literary journal

The Patient

Blood flows out of my mouth
As you spit in my face
Rub in the salts in my wounds
Just like the old days
When you cursed me out
While I begged for your help
And kicked me down the stairs
Your cruelness unending
I can't escape it any longer
As your hate rips through my skin
And I lay hopeless in this white hell
God's intervention will save me
One grand day
And until then
I'll resist your rampant attacks

Stripped Axons

Walking along the barren corridors
No one left in sight
Stumble across a shadow of myself
Shivering like a cold night
And with this comes the knowledge
An insight into the scene
Once things used to be manageable
But that seems like long ago
Ego crushed, heart ripped out
Reduced to this shattered mess
You’d think I’d recover better
You’d think this wouldn’t occur
Happened once before
But now I can’t find the cure
I’ve done all I can
I’ve done all I know how
This sickness is too vast
Gotta find some help now

The Traveler

The wind sends a crisp breeze
Invoking the very smell of fall
Far from the wreck of my past have I come
Brighter highways up ahead
Cleaner cars fly by
This same road I traveled before
Once desolate and dead
Now bustling with energy
Smile as I look on
Proud that life could live on
Where it appeared once invisible

Sexual system

Look at you differently
If you answer it wrong
If you say you turn left
Instead of turning right
Mock you as if their way
Was the only way
Treat you as something less than human
They deserve a serious slap to the face
For their limited view on life
One day I hope they feel
The pain of being discriminated against
And regret how they treated you
And others just as human as themselves

Torturous habit

Head hits the desk
Head slams on down
Jars me awake
Feel like a clown
Habitual torture
Habitual madness
Can’t make it stop
Can’t make it out
Too much fun
To stay up so late
But if I’m falling apart
Will I ever get a date?

Never known

Like I speak a foreign language
Like I use a different alphabet
Kept in the cage of denial
Denied the sustenance of understanding
And compassion from others
The passer-bys laugh
Point and cackle
A deafening laughter emanates forth
A river of blood flows
Out of the ears of the deafened
Who shall never be known
And continue never knowing
With the silver lining thrown to the moon
Retrieval is unfathomable

New life

The times of the abhorrence and pain
The apprehension and paranoia
Recalling them is something I can still taste
When my vast trust would drive me on
Then evaporate as fast as it was obtainable
Accusing the people seemed proper at first
Along with myself
And culminating with the Architect himself
For being unable to use that muscle in my mouth
And stop quivering at the knees
Then by immersing myself with those already social
I was able to become a civilized human being
Hold actual conversations as one
And walk with confidence as one
Small talk was still not fully mastered
But this new life was turning out for the better

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