floydfanatic86 (floydfanatic86) wrote,

What's happenin'

Not really that much to report, mostly been working at SSA during the week and such (where I am now, yay for lunch break!). I was hanging with Stephanie and her friends for like 3 weekends in the end of June, but now I really haven't had all that much to do. I was going to go to a carnival last Friday or Saturday, but I didn't really have the motivation, or energy.

Not really sure what to do this weekend when it comes (besides seeing The Dark Knight, of course). My mom mentioned ArtScape, but I'm not so sure...I know someone who's going, and it could be awkward if I ran into her :(.

Have been talking with Monchel recently, and trying to discuss some issues so that we can (hopefully) be good friends again. Unfortunately, I'm an idiot that's scared to look his problems in the face (but I'm going to try now - I'm definitely going to go to a counselor now, no more putting that off), I'm horrible with words, and have a pretty skewed perspective on things. I don't know if I can do this right or not - I'm trying, but I'm scared that I'm going to blow it. I mean, I'm trying to give her space, and she says she doesn't mind talking to me. Basically, I'm trying to be friendly without tipping over into botherage/annoyance mode, though I'm not quite sure where that line is. I've tried to say that I want to make things right, and if there's anything she needs me to do to make things right, that she can tell me, but she hasn't responded. I don't know if she just hasn't had the time or energy to respond, or if I've been grating on her nerves and that's why. I'll have to take the safer route, I suppose, and give her some time to herself by not contacting her in a while.
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