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Weekend and trouble

So, it's been a decent weekend.

Last night I went down to D.C. with some of my friends and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. Food was pretty good, drinks were good (Don Julio tequila margarita and a purple haze - can't remember the liquor in the latter, but it was really good), and blue cheese is nasty (I don't know why I ordered the burger with that on it...).

After that, we wandered around until we reached Chinatown, where we went into a Thai restaurant called Thai Chili. Had a couple of drinks there (sake martini, which had sake and vodka in it, which was kind of sour and blech, and a concoction the bartender called called fireworks, which had sake, blue caracc liquor, and cherry juice in it, and a lemon rind that was lit on fire!). So yeah, that sake martini was definitely the drink that hit me the hardest, though I'm not sure if it was because of the combined effects of sake and vodka or that I drank it fairly quickly because I didn't want to sip on it for a long time. For some reason it also made me a tad nauseous, but that went away quickly enough. Got some fried dumplings to help take away the sour taste of the sake martini too.

That was the bulk of last night, really. After that, went to some club or bar (couldn't tell which) that was in the same area as Thai Chili and sat down until it stopped raining outside. Managed to make it back to Frederick without any incident, either.

Now, today, well, that kind of got messed up. I was planning on hanging with some people in Frederick today, mainly those that weren't able to come down with me yesterday (plus, only have limited space in my car anyhow). However, since I put the planning of that off a lot more than I did for Friday, I got to people without giving them very much of a notice. Due to that, I really wouldn't have been able to hang with many people tonight, so I decided to postpone it all until next weekend. Kinda bored and can't really concentrate on homework, but I'm not really that bummed about it - I like my peace and quiet at times too.

That's the part of today that I'm ok with - here's the part of today that I'm not ok with.

One of my Facebook friends recently removed me from their friends list and I haven't the faintest clue why that could be. I think she blocked me on AIM too. I haven't really talked to this friend too often, but I'm under the impression that she's been fairly busy this semester. And she has talked to me at points during the summer - basically, I haven't seen any indication that she doesn't like me as a friend anymore. So I'm really confused as to what's going on - I sent her a message, but I haven't gotten a response back.

I really don't want to lose anyone else as a friend. I've had enough of that, and I'd like to keep as many Hood friends as possible. I might just be being paranoid at the moment and freaking out, I don't know. It could even be that I've just been pestering her too much or something.

Either way, I'd like to figure this out - if there's one thing I hate not getting, it's closure.
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