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So, this weekend wasn't too boring, for once.

Went down to Merriweather on Saturday for Seether/Papa Roach/Staind concert with a friend and a couple of others. I didn't really know that many Seether songs at all, besides "Fake It", but they were alright. Papa Roach and Staind kick ass - they played a good selection of newer songs and older, classic songs, so all in all it was a great concert.

Sunday, I stayed home for most of the night and headed back to Hood to watch the movie being shown for the Society of Modern Visual Culture, which was American Psycho. I was about 1/2 late, but I still caught most of the movie, and it was cool seeing it again.

Other than that, there's the usual drama that I seem to perpetuate now...last night and some stuff that had gone on before. The damage is done, so all that's left to do now is just wait it out. I seriously need to change my ways - I'm sick of acting like a freak and being paranoid - my self-control is so low at times it's not even funny; I've pushed too many people away, and if I don't change that, I'll never be comfortable with myself.

I'd like to get out of this college now; there's barely anyone left here that I care about (it's sad that I can count all those people on one hand now). I don't want to talk to freshmen and underclassmen (there's a few people from class of 2010 that are cool, though), and I don't know what to do in regards to making any new connections. I suppose I'll just have to try to be friendly and talk to some people at Irving's party on Friday; at least that - and this weekend - should be fun.
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