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Good news + Thanksgiving break

So, it's been a good few weeks since I last updated. Been busy with schoolwork (15 page min paper due on last Tuesday, lab practical I had today) and all mostly, and basically just haven't had anything to really talk about that's been going on with me. Did manage to have a good Thanksgiving break though.

Basically slept and did nothing on Wednesday, went down to Virginia on Thanksgiving with my relatives - had some beers, some wine, ate good food, and played some ping pong - all in all a pretty good time. Friday I went to the house of the friends of my friend Stephanie, which was pretty cool, though my car wasn't working when I left home (basically almost ran it out of oil, ugh). Saturday I went to another friend of Stephanie's house and had a fun time playing pool there, then went to watch Twilight with her and her friend after the party. Twilight wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, but sometimes that happens when books are adapted into movies. Didn't really do much on Sunday except some homework.

Besides that, I got some really good news today. I've been on Match.com recently to try to get back into dating and all, and though it hadn't been going so well before, in the last couple of weeks, things have been looking up. I've been talking to this girl, Allison, who seems pretty interesting - likes action movies, roller coasters, coffee (yeah, I got sucked into the family love of coffee) - all sounds good to me. I had recently sent her an e-mail asking if she'd like to meet sometime, and after a week of waiting, I was beginning to think that I had scared her off.

Luckily, I found out today that this was not the case at all. She's been busy and sick, so that's understandable, but yeah, I got an e-mail from her today saying that she'd like to go for some coffee when she's feeling well again. So yeah, basically I'm psyched, because from the looks of it, I might actually have something to look forward to and be happy about. Not that I shouldn't be anyways, but really, I've been in need of something or someone to pick my spirits up, and this might be just what I need.

I'll update when anything happens :)
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