floydfanatic86 (floydfanatic86) wrote,

Winter break

So, it's certainly been an interesting winter break at home. Christmas went well with hanging out with the family and all, but I'm sorta disappointed in myself in regards to ordering Christmas gifts and sending out cards pretty late. Did get some cool stuff though - The Dark Knight, Season 1 of The Simpsons, 2 Borders gift cards, an Amaazon gift card, and clothes. Had a fun New Year's Eve with the family too - we played Rock Band and Scene It, and I had some various alcohols (champagne, wine, hard cider).

New Year's Day hasn't been quite as enjoyable, though. My mother has not only been pissed at my dad for drinking too much last night, but she was also upset that she had to stay at home and cook on New Year's Day. Sometimes I just really hate being in this household and having to deal with all the drama, and I just really wish my dad could get his problems with alcohol under control. I feel like I always have to mediate things around me - I know that's gotten me into a heap of trouble before - but I also hate to sit around and do nothing while things are going badly. Things seem to be better for the moment, but I'm not really sure if they really are.
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