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floydfanatic86's Journal

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Born and raised in a northern county in Maryland, now going to Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. Been more of the shy, quiet type ever since I can remember, but I'm becoming more social, slowly but surely. Two reasons for this pretty much: anxiety and an anger problem, but these are slowly improving, but they are quite difficult to deal with at times though. As a result, I have basically no true friends back home, I can count only one really (my definition of a true friend being someone you can share your feelings with comfortably and share an intellectual conversation with)...except now he's currently in Iraq, which sucks (though, he did go on leave and came back home in January :)). At college, or with friends that have graduated, I probably have about 7, and 5 of those have graduated (4 of which I keep in contact with fairly often, the other is hard to get ahold of). In addition, I have 2 other friends that I keep in contact with fairly often, but don't really consider them true friends, and I have 3 acquiantances that are fun to hang with but whom I don't know well enough to be friends with them. Addicted to classic rock, most from the 70's and some from the 80's, and some 90's alternative rock, plus a few 21st century bands; I share half of my musical tastes with my father. Currently trying to go for a Biology major, after my plans to go for a major in Computer Science were foiled fall semester of freshman year by my lack of understanding of the concepts. *sigh* Single I am, and not too happy with at the moment, but I'll live.